Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coming Soon

I've been working on a few cards.
And homework!
Don't worry mom!

But I can't show them to you.
I'm really excited about them-but people apparently read this blog. . . 
and I don't want to ruin birthday surprises.
I do promise that after said birthdays have passed I will let you see my handy work.
I just wanted to drop in and let you know I'm doing things!


  1. Hey there, I had a thought about this summer. Would you want to come in and run a "card making" program for the teens? I don't have all the summer crafts planned yet, and we do have a HUGE pile of scrapbooking materials that I imagine can be used for cards. We should talk. Also, knitting club misses you! I turned a heel. Just saying.

    1. I get back on the 18th of May. I will come in and talk to you when I get a chance-probably sometime that next week so we can work something out! Also-so excited you turned a heel!!! =)

    2. That would be great. I have one craft day open right now. See you soon!