Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unexpected Joys

There are many small things that are bringing me joy this week.
One is the surprise gift from my mother.
She ordered these earrings from this lovely lady but they didn't suit her.
She asked if I would give them a whirl and I fell in love.

My second joy is a new book series I was bullied into reading by my roommates and boyfriend.
Totally worth it.
I started reading over break
and unlike ALL of the other books I give up during the semester
I couldn't can't stop reading!
It's defiantly fantasy and has adult content.
(They made an HBO series-DUH!)
It sucked me in and spun a wonderful a tale of a far off land.
It's beautiful, and complicated.
I can't wait to finish!

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Finally is this joy!
It came with a lovely handwritten note from the distant land of Eau Claire!
It now hangs in my closet to remind me of all of the things that make me happy:
Sesame Street and childhood fun,
distant friends,
and coloring books!
So thanks for the love.
(A return letter is on the way Michelle-no worries!)

Here is to your joys!
Big or small.
Anticipated or unexpected.

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