Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Card Set

I sliced out some time to make some cards to have on hand.

I hope your day is extra special!
Don't forget to vote if you live in Wisconsin!


  1. Lovely work Kokie! SLAG just used the last of your handmade cards to send a thank you to author Pat Schmatz--she visited Pizza and Pages to talk about her book, Bluefish (which was awesome).

    Only a few more weeks until you can come back to Knitting Club! We're waiting!

  2. I'm so excited! It means I'll finally start knitting again! Also-Do you need more thank yous? I can't promise anything until I come home for the summer (I don't know when I'll get them done-or when I'm coming back to Waupaca) But I would be happy to make you guys another batch!